• Cataract/IOL
  • Glaucoma
  • General Ophthalmology
  • Facial Aesthetics



  • Canon TX-f Full Auto Tonometer
    Measures the intraocular pressure in all patients as a screen for Glaucoma
  • TOMEY RT 7000 Auto Refractor/Keratometer/Topographer
    Determines the refractive error, corneal curvature and topography in order to reduce post operative astigmatism, and obtain the best possible vision following cataract surgery.
  • Zeiss/Meditech IOL Master
    Measures the pre-operative axial length of the eye with a laser. Also measures corneal curvature, diameter, and anterior chamber depth used in selecting the correct intraocular lens power for cataract surgery.
  • GDX Nerve Fiber Analyzer
    Scanning laser polarimeter used to measure nerve fiber loss and optic nerve health in the early stages of glaucoma so treatment can be started before serious injury to the optic nerve has developed.
  • Zeiss/Humphrey Field Analyzer 750i
    Measures the central and peripheral visual field in glaucoma. Performs Blue/Yellow field test for earlier detection of glaucoma not found with white/white field testing. Also used to diagnose and follow loss of vision in neurologic ocular diseases.

  • Canon CR-1 Digital Retinal Camera
    Takes digital color photograph of the optic nerve, macula, and posterior pole to document health of the eye, and allow detection of change in Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Diabetes.
  • Zeiss Visulas YAG III
    Returns vision to patients who develop clouding of the posterior capsule after cataract surgery.


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